Each sports plateau has an area of 1,080 square meters and is 24 meters wide, for 45 meters long. The total area of the Multisport Center is 5,390 square meters.

Synthetic grass pitches

On these types of fields, you can play soccer, frisbee, football, rugby and baseball.

The synthetic sruface of the two soccer fields was replaces in 2011. For the sake of its customers and the environment, Gestion ARSO has installed the Mondo Synthetic 3NX fiber coating. I's a convex-shaped monofilament fiber with 3 ribs that perfectly reproduce the reactions of natureal turf while maintaining its elasticity and durability. The backing of the "Thermondond" coating is a patented and innovative product made of geotextiles. It's made from recycled and un recyclable products.

An "Ecofill" backfill made of non-recycled rubber granules, odorless and free of harmful materials such as lead is compacted unifromly in the lower part of the turf. This allows optimal penetration of the crampons and the regular rebound of the ball. Note that the embankment used by the majority of soccer centers in Quebec is made of recycled rubber.

This unique system is unmatched in performance, safety, environnment and appearance. 




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