1. The lessee must have in his possession at all times, his lease and proof of payment to present to the supervisor of the Multisport Center or his replacement, if requested and before using the field(s).
  2. The tenant undertakes personally and / or on behalf of the members of the organization that he represents to respect the regulations of the federal, provincial and municipal public authorities as well as the regulations of the Multisport Center of Gatineau.
  3. The lessee undertakes not to sublet the field(s), not to assign his lease and not to transfer it, or all rights thereto, without the written consent of the landlord.
  4. The tenant must leave the premises at the end of the holding of the activity in the initial state of rental.
  5. It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages or other beverages with the exception of water at the Multisport Center. It is forbidden to eat food and chew gum on sports grounds.
  6. Smoking is prohibited inside the Multisport Center.
  7. It is forbidden to spit on sports grounds.
  8. It is prohibited to display advertising or other information inside or outside the Multisport Center without the authorization of Gestion ARSO.
  9. It is forbidden to solicit within the Multisport Center. It is forbidden to sell promotional items without the prior authorization of Gestion ARSO.
  10. The tenant and the members of his association must leave the land three minutes before the end of the lease by taking their belongings to leave the field to the next tenant. They must change out of the field.
  11. The tenant and the members of his association have a maximum of 20 minutes to leave the locker room after the end of their activity.
  12. Soccer players are allowed to wear cleated shoes. Wearing white-soled sports shoes on the multisport field is recommended. Appropriate attire is mandatory.
  13. The tenant agrees to comply with the requests of the supervisor or his replacement when using a/the field(s).
  14. The tenant undertakes to compensate the landlord of the sports grounds and the owner of La Fonderie for any damage he causes or that a person or guest of his organization causes, on the grounds, sports equipment, the property , the building or any other accessory.
  15. The landlord is released from all claims of any nature whatsoever, for lost, missing, stolen property, damage and accident to the person or property, or in connection with the use of the grounds and the Center multisport or that may come from any other cause during the term of this contract.
  16. The tenant acknowledges and agrees that the landlord will not be held liable if he can not fulfill the obligations of the contract due to civil disorder, fortuitous event or force majeure, strike or any other reasonable cause that is beyond his immediate control and direct.
  17. If, during the term of the lease, events occur on the premises which, in the opinion of Gestion ARSO or its agents constitute a source of disorder or involve risks as to the peaceful enjoyment of the premises, the landlord reserves the right to to terminate this contract immediately, without notice or compensation, keeping the amounts paid as damages.
  18. The landlord reserves the right to cancel certain rental dates. He must give the tenant a 14-day notice and remit the amount paid. The renter may cancel a rental date by giving a minimum notice of 14 business days without charge. Within 14 working days, a penalty of 50% of the cost of the canceled rental hours will be required. If the canceled rental is postponed to a later date, Gestion ARSO will not impose a penalty.
  19. The tenant having a contract of long duration will not be able to claim any deduction, nor refund of the amount of money paid in advance, following an abandonment or the non-use of the rented places, except in the case of a request made in writing at least 60 days before the cancellation dates, advising the lessor of his desire to terminate his contract.
  20. The tenant is responsible for the activities that take place during the rental. He undertakes to pay and obtain any license or permit required by the authorities or associations to organize these activities. In addition, he is responsible for paying to whom the taxes or contributions imposed for the holding of these activities are due.
  21. Organizations and tenants must obtain and provide proof of liability insurance upon request.
  22. The tenant recognizes that all rights and broadcasting privileges, cinematographic, television and other concessions are reserved to the landlord.
  23. Before proceeding to installations modifying the rented places, the tenant must have them approved beforehand by Gestion ARSO (holding of a special event, etc ...).
  24. The tenant agrees to inform the members of the organization that he represents the terms of the lease and the regulations of the center. He undertakes, both in his own name and that of each member of his organization, to respect these conditions and regulations.



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